Monday, March 7, 2011

My excursion on August 1, 2010

I have been taking a whole bunch of photos, with a better camera last year. I will show you some photos I have photographed.

I will recap my August 1st Excursion around the City.

First I take a (Q) train from my home station at Brighton Beach. The (Q) line is using nothing but R-160 subway cars.

Then I looked around Coney Island Stillwell Avenue before riding the G via the F line. The G was extended to Coney Island because the F went down the C IND Fulton Line, due to switch work.

A R-68 on the (D) line via West End.

A G train coming into Stillwell Avenue.

Then I ride the G to Queens. I got off at Kings Highway

Then I continued to Court Square for the (E) train. I take it to connect the (F) train at Roosevelt Avenue.

A R46 train on the (R)
The (F) train at Rockefeller Center

Then the (C) train had to terminate at 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. A R-44 is on the (C).

A R-32 ribbed car on the C.

After that I returned to Brooklyn, to focus on the D and N lines.

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