Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Q train
The Q is the Broadway Express. All times it runs express in Manhattan from 57th Street/7 Avenue to Canal Street and then crosses the Manhattan Bridge to travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan. It uses the Brighton Line to travel to and from Coney Island, and makes all stops in Brooklyn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The N train
The N train known as the Broadway Express is a service that operates between Astoria Ditmars Boulevard in Queens and Coney Island in Brooklyn. It goes along the Astoria line in Queens and into Manhattan via the 59th Street Connector and into Broadway. It then goes to and from Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge and into the 4th Avenue segment. It leaves that segment to venture into the Sea Beach Line and to/from Coney Island.

On Weekdays, express section is between 34th Street in Manhattan and 59th Street in Brooklyn.
On weekends, express section is between Canal Street in Manhattan and 59th Street in Brooklyn.
Late nights, makes all stops and travels through the tunnel instead of the Manhattan Bridge.

The M train
The M Nassau Street Local is a subway line that runs weekdays from Metropolitan Avenue, in Queens through Brooklyn via Broadway, into Manhattan via Willamsburg Bridge into Chambers Street.

During peak hours, it is extended to Bay Parkway, in southern Brooklyn, through the 4th Avenue Segment, and then branches off with the D via the West End line to Bay Parkway.

On weekends and late nights it only runs between Metropolitan Avenue in Queens and Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn and does not go to Manhattan.