Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The B train
The B train is the 6 Avenue Express. It runs weekdays only between 145 Street Manhattan and Brighton Beach Brooklyn. In Manhattan the (B) runs local along Central Park West. It is express in 6 Avenue. It crosses the Manhattan Bridge to and from Brooklyn and runs express via the Brighton Line to Brighton Beach.

The B is extended Rush Hours (6-9am and 4-7pm) to and from Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx via the Grand Concourse line.

Here are some images:


  1. ive said it before this whole system is confusing. however it would be great to experience it and get used it it

  2. Matt,
    Ok, so that is easy to remember B will take me to Brooklyn.
    I love trains and subways. Over here in the L.A. area, I have taken Amtrack, Metrolink (which I use to commute to and from work), and the light rail of the Red Line that takes you to Hollywood, the Gold line that takes you to Pasadena, the Blue line that takes you to Long Beach and the Green line that takes you to an LAX airport shuttle.

  3. That's what I'm talkin about!!! Sorry I didn't make the connection to you on my Blogspot page. We've got ourselves a connection now! I'm diggin the train stuff!!
    Be careful with the MTA though. They practically sent a beat down squad to F-LINE BAGELs shop on Smith Street for displaying items in the store that he purchased on the MTA website itself!!!
    OK and I are straight now. Sometimes it takes random moments of clarity for me to make these connections. (Blogspot let's you fool around with your page a little more).