Friday, January 22, 2010

NYC Subway car assignments as of January 2010

These are the subway car assignments of the NYC Subway System. All R40 cars (slanted and modified) as well as R38s are retired. R32s and R42s are being replaced by the R160 subway cars.

A uses R32, R44, and R46
B uses R32, R68, and R68A
C uses only R32
D uses R68
E uses R160A and R160B
F uses R46, R160A and R160B
G uses R46
H shuttle uses R44 and R46
J uses R42 and R160A
L uses R143 and R160A
M uses R160A
N uses R160A and R160B
Q uses R68, R68A, and R160A and R160B
R uses R46
S uses R68 (Brooklyn) R44/R46(Queens) and R62A (Manhattan)
W uses R160A and R160B
Z uses R160A
1 uses R62A
2 uses R142
3 uses R62 and R62A?
4 uses R142 and R142A
5 uses R142
6 uses R142A
7 uses R62A

This is best to my knowledge I'll update this next month.

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