Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The F train
The F train is the 6 Avenue Local. All times it travels from 179 Street Queens along Queens Boulevard via the 63rd Street Connector to Manhattan. It goes along 6 Avenue and underneath the East River to Brooklyn. It then travels along the Culver Line to and from Coney Island Stillwell Avenue.

Here's the (F)'s photos.


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  2. Matt,
    I see no snow. Were these pictures taken before there was any snow on
    the ground?
    I should post pictures of the Metrolink train I take. Maybe I'll do
    that. The only picture of the buses I have posted was the one that had
    James Loney's "this is my Town" billboard.

  3. The F-train drives me up a wall! Takes forever to get out of Brooklyn
    on it. MTA came crashing down in this bagel shop on Smith St/9th St
    because he named the place F-LINE Bagels. MTA served him a cease
    order. Meanwhile in Metropolitan Ave there is an L-LINE Cafe and the
    MTA leaves him alone.

  4. Matt, The inside of that train looked really clean, was this early on a
    Sunday morning or something... never was a fan of the subways in either
    New York or London, but if have to use one regularly they can be