Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The A train
The (A) train is the 8th Avenue Express. It runs between 207 Street Manhattan through 8th Avenue, into Brooklyn via Fulton Street and to/from Far Rockaway via Rockaways all times.

Also during the day additional A train service also starts at 207 Street Manhattan with the same route as above, but this time goes to and from Lefferts Boulevard.

Basically all A train service is the same but the two branches split east of Rockaway Boulevard in the Ozone Park Section of Queens.

Special rush hour service runs to/from Rockaway Park in Queens.

The A train is the longest route in the NYC System, traveling 31 miles along its route, from 207 Street Manhattan to Far Rockaway in Queens.

Here are some images of the (A) train.


  1. Matt,
    Where were you and Mike when I got lost taking those trains to Yankee Stadium? that is right, I was not posting on these MLB blogs back then.

  2. this is so cool that it is like a way of life for you New Yorkers to take the trains and subways. it is like a foreign land for my suburban lifestyle

  3. Hello, Matt!
    I am interested in this NYC series. Is the A train related to the jazz standard "Take the 'A' train"?

  4. Thanks Matt, that's what I thought.
    How interesting to see a "subway" train running in the sunlight!
    This reminds me of the Osaka City Subway network in Japan that includes some "overground" part within. Is there any city other than NY that has a subway network?