Monday, January 25, 2010

New York City Subway

The New York City Subway has the following:

26 subway routes.
Over 600 miles of track (including storage yards)
Over 6,000 subway cars (including work service)
468 Subway Stations.
375 stations that connect to bus services
Serves at least five sporting venues (Madison Square Garden, Keyspan Park, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and US National Tennis center)
It has a 24 hour schedule every day, some routes may not run all day.

Some other facts:
The longest route is the A from 207 Street to Far Rockaway, traveling 31 miles.
The Shortest route is the 42nd Street shuttle not even traveling one mile.
B V Q and Z lines do not run on weekends.

As for color codes based of the line in Manhattan:
1 2 and 3 are red because they run on 7th Avenue.
4 5 and 6are green because they run on Lexington Avenue.
7 is purple because it runs via 42nd Street.
A C and E are blue because they run via the 8 Avenue Line.
B D F and V are orange because they run via the 6 Avenue Line
G is light green because it runs via Crosstown and it doesn't run in Manhattan.
J M and Z are brown because they run via the Nassau Street Line.
N Q R and Ware yellow because they run on the Broadway Line.
S is black and is used for three different shuttle routes.

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