Sunday, January 24, 2010

NYC Subway car photos

This is a R68 on the (B)(S)(D) and (Q), they are numbered from 2500-2924 and run on the B D Q and Franklin Avenue Shuttle lines.

This is a R68A on the (B) and (Q), they run on the B and Q lines.

This is a R160B. They are numbered from 8713-9232 and from 9802-9942. These cars run on the E F N Q and W lines.

This is a R160A, numbered from 8313-8712, 9233-9802, and 9943-9974 and run on the E F J L M N Q W and Z lines.

This is a R143 and they are numbered 8101-8312 and only run on the L.

This is a R142, numbered 1101-1250,6310-7180 and run on the 2 4 and 5 services.
This is a R142A and numbered from 7211-7810 and run on the 4 and 6 lines.
This is a R62 on the (3). These cars are numbered 1301-1625.
Another version of this car the R62A numbered 1651-2475 run on the 1 7 and 42nd Street Shuttle lines. This is on the (7) line.

This is a R46 subway car on the F and A, numbers range from 5482-6258 and run on the A F G R V and Rockaway Park Shuttle lines.
This is a R44 running on the A and S. It's numbered from 5202-5479. They run on the A and Rockaway Park Shuttle as well as the Staten Island Railway.
This is a R42 running on the Z, numbered 4550-4949 in the process of retirement, replaced by the R160s. They only run on the J and Z lines.
This is a R32 on the A, they are numbered from 3350-3949 and only run on the A C V and sometimes on the B N and Q lines. These cars are being retired and replaced by the R160 subway cars.
Here's a little something extra, this was a R40 slant train on the A, they were numbered 4150-4449.

This was a R40 Modified (straight end car) numbered from 4450-4549 on the E.
Another car that recently retired was the R38 and it looked similar to the R32 cars numbered 3950-4149.

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