Tuesday, January 26, 2010

R160 subway car assignments

The R160A subway cars built by Alstom have these following assignments. All cars use Alstom Onix Propulsion.

(8313-8652)$ are running on the
and .

(8653-8712)# are running on the

(9233-9592) are running on the
and , and possibly the

(9593-9802) run on the and .*

$ These are in four car sets, to make the 8 car trains, with the exception of the late night an weekend shuttle. The rest not including these numbers are in five car sets to make 10 car trains.

#Cars are sometimes intermixed with R160B train cars that use Alstom Propulsion.

@These numbers are in service, not all some cars are still undergoing testing or delivery.

The R160B subway cars are built by Kawasaki are assigned to the following lines,

(8713-9142)^ are assigned to the

(9143-9232)are assigned to the
and .
(9803-9942) are assigned to the and .*

^Please note that all subway cars use Alstom Onix Propulsion except for (8843-9102). Those car numbers use Siemens Propulsion.

*ongoing delivery

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