Friday, July 22, 2011

Mass Transit perversion

For those of you who ride Mass Transit regularly or just for leisure (excursions, tag-along trips; etc) watch your surroundings. The news about perverts roaming around buses, subways, railroads, light rail, etc are are quite alarming. Most of the victims of these pervert attacks are women. Some of them fight back like Nicola Briggs here on a Utica Avenue bound (4) train via the Lexington Avenue Express.

There are messages in the new technology trains (R-142,R-142As on the (2)(4)(5)(6), R-143s on the (L) and the R-160s (E)(F)(J)(L)(M)(N)(Q) and (Z) lines) that say this.

  1. A crowded subway is no excuse for unlawful sexual conduct, if you believe to have been victim of a crime notify a transit employee or law enforcer
  2. Sexual harassment (including inappropriate touching) is against the law, notify personnel.

Watch out, and if you see any of these acts, call out the perpetrators, and call police on them. Time to get rid of these perverts!

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