Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riding safely in the subway while being courteous

If are riding the subways of New York or any Rapid Transit system in general, I have some tips when you go around with them.

  1. When going around they subway/rapid transit system (fare control area) do not rush, you're better off missing your train then risk an injury.
  2. Do not hold train car doors open, otherwise you'll damage the doors and the train will be disabled.
  3. Slow down in escalators, stairways, or walkways. You'll slip, trip, and fall if you miss your step.
  4. Watch the gap when entering and exiting the train.
  5. Do not walk or ride between the subway cars (I believe this is illegal in some rapid transit systems)
  6. Do not display your electronic devices in the subway.
  7. Do not lean or step on the edge, except when boarding or disembarking the train.
  8. When you ride during non-rush hours, you should ride the train operator's car (always the first car of every train) or the Conductor's car (middle car of most trains, last car of every (G) train).
  9. During emergencies, obey the train crew's instructions (operator & conductor, plus emergency personnel)
  10. Do not enter cabs of any train for whatever reason (train operator, or train conductor's cabs) and do not talk to the train operator or train conductor while the train is in motion, (unless the conductor doesn't have his/her separate cab like the ones on PATH)
  11. Do not ride on the outside of subway cars "subway surfing"
  12. Fold baby strollers if you're carrying them!
  13. Hold on to a pole if you don't have any place to sit.
  14. Offer your seat to the elderly, disabled, pregnant, or anyone carrying bulky items. You'll be standing up for a good cause.
  15. Priority seating areas are labeled and if disabled/pregnant/elderly board near you, you must give them up!
  16. Do not solicit money for any reason.
  17. Do not make any excessive noise.
  18. No alcoholic beverages and no smoking on the platform or train.
  19. Try not to eat or drink on the subway, (small granola bars, or candy, and water are usually okay as long as you don't make a mess)
  20. Do not make the subway system unsanitary (this includes littering)
  21. Listen for announcements for your station that you are intending to go towards.
  22. If you are ever in doubt, ask the station agent (outside fare control) or train conductor or train operator (keep it brief when train is en-route) or any personnel that are around you.
  23. Avoid riding alone (unless you're on the same car as the train operator or train conductor)
  24. Allow extra travel time (especially during General Order Service Disruptions (G.O.s)). It's better for you to be extra early than to be late, right?
  25. If you notice any suspicious behavior or something just out of the ordinary, inform the train crew (conductor/operator).
  26. Sexual harassment is illegal (perversion) especially in the subway system. Tell a police officer or the train crew if you have been victim of a crime.
  27. Be weary of pickpockets and do not display valuables
  28. Stand where other riders are standing or wait at designated waiting areas (especially if you're riding during the off hours) They are labeled throughout the stations.
  29. Do not fall asleep when waiting for a train or when you're riding one, you'll be an easy target of pickpockets.
  30. Try using entrances/exits where a station agent is there, those tend to be the safest ones.

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